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Rancé Soaps are luxurious soaps, beautiful in their handmade individuality. Each soap is handmade and triple milled. In addition, each soap is then hand-wrapped, and presented in an exquisite box. These fine soaps are a part of a lengthy six day process in preparation, but are so pure they require no preservatives. Due to the pureness and careful craftsmanship of the soap, the perfumed fragrance is long-lasting and wonderful. Established in Grasse, France over two hundred years ago, the company began with Francois Rance making fragrance products for the French elite. Today, Rancé is known for producing some of the finest soaps in the world, perfect for gift-giving, home use, or an aesthetically pleasing display.
Rancé is also known historically as a great producer of fine personal fragrances, including classics like Le Roi Emperuer and Le Vainqueur for men, or Josephine and Eugenie for women. These distinguished fragrances also have matching shower gels and creams available to compliment them in absolute luxury.