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The Narcissus Soap Box from Rance Soaps is presented in a gorgeous gift box, and each soap is sculpted into the shape of a shell. These have a light floral fragrance focused on narcissus flowers.
All Rance Soap Boxes make excellent, exquisite gifts, as they are sets of six soaps in an elegant, handmade box.
6 x 3.5 oz Soaps in Decorative Gift Box

Customer Reviews

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Angela Watson
Beautiful Gift

I bought this and have not opened it as it is a gift for someone. But, I want to take a few bars of soap for myself as they smell delightful! Beautiful packaging!

Deirdre Burton
Can't Get Enough of that Scent

My sister gave me a box of this soap as a gift. I used to just open the box to take a sniff. I was afraid to use it because I wanted it to last. Then my grand-daughter discovered it in my house. So I shared. She also LOVES the scent.