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Dead Sea Land has harnessed the healing and rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea with their extensive line of bath and body products.  Since Biblical times, Dead Sea mud has been used to treat skin and help in control of acne, but also functions in drawing out toxins, while enriching the skin. With a legacy lasting centuries, use of Dead Sea minerals (usually in the form of salt and scrubs), Dead Sea products have a long history of skin restoration and healing properties.  Their lengthy history explains the continuously growing popularity of Dead Sea skincare products.

The Dead Sea is unique in that it is the lowest sea on Planet Earth, and surrounded by mountainous regions. The land surrounding the sea is full of a highly concentrated formulation of naturally occurring minerals, which have eroded over time, producing the enriched waters and muds of the Dead Sea.

Due to this unique geographical situation, the waters of the Dead Sea off of Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan contain high levels of minerals like bromide, zinc, and iron, but also important minerals such as sodium and magnesium.  These skin-healthy minerals can help exfoliate, enrich, and soothe dry skin, but can also enhance already healthy skin.  Dead Sea salt has traditionally been used to stimulate blood circulation and repair skin cells that have been damaged, while producing a detoxifying and soothing effect.

What products are made from the Dead Sea?  Mud masks, bath salts, and Dead Sea salt scrubs are the most traditional products produced, but brands like Dead Sea Land also use the extracted mineral concentrates to produce hand and foot creams, body lotions, body creams and butters. 

Dead Sea Land excels at plant extraction to obtain concentrated high efficacy extracts and combining them with natural oils and Dead Sea minerals to enhance and promote the skin's natural rejuvenation, regeneration and healing process.  They have an extensive product line that features Dead Sea body lotions, Dead Sea body scrubs, and skin nourishing Dead Sea creams for both day and night use.