TerraNova Body Lotion Shea Blossom

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This is a super moisturizing hand and body lotion from TerraNova that leaves the skin smooth, revitalized and looking young. It is highly effective and even moisturizes the driest of skins.
Give your dry, cracked skin the boot with our amazing TerraNova shea butter collection that moisturizes and nurtures your skin back to its optimal health.
Our beloved Tresses-to-Toes Remedy Cream boasts an extremely effective 10% whipped shea butter that absorbs instantly without a greasy feel to restore even the driest of skin and split ends too!
Try our ultra moisturizing Shea Body Wash, and add a little of our ultra-rich Shea Oil in the bath or directly on your skin for ultra soft, healthy, younger looking skin!
8.45 fl. oz. bottle with pump