SoapRock - Turquoise

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Turqouise SoapRock from T.S. Pink is the celebrity of precious stones, Turquoise is recognized by everyone after its 6,000 years as a decorative and spiritual talisman. Formed only in parched terrains, the mineral is rich with water, and Turquoise SoapRock quenches your skin.
Scent: Calendula Gardenia Mist

Customer Reviews

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Diane KP
Oak Manor Soap

Lovely and smells so good!

Jeanne Fernandez
Best soap ever

I only use Soap Rocks in my bathrooms. I love the look, feel & scent of them & my guests always have positive comments about them.

Karen Harding

SoapRock - Turquoise

Della Mae Johnston
Excellent and Unique

I keep having to repurchase this beautiful soap- because everyone keeps begging me to let them have the one they've used in the guest bathroom.

I'm going broke thanks to your wonderful product! But I do get a whiff of it now and then as it wafts out the door!!!!

Della Mae Johnston,

Linda Timpson
soaprock- turquoise

It is beautiful and smells great. Thank u.

Tracy Shaw

This soap is beautiful. The shape is a little odd due to the real-ness & it was larger than anticipated. Overall, I love it!

Lori Edwards
Beautiful soap rocks

These soap rocks are beautiful and smell wonderful as well. I am giving several of these as Christmas gifts.

Shirley Huntley
Happy in NC

Wonderful soap, good for your body and doesn’t leave build-up in shower not to mention how good it smells leaves your body smelling good and your bathroom also. Lasts a vey long time so we’ll worth the price. Try it and you won’t go back to your old soap we have been using for years now.

Jan Ferguson
Great soap

Love this soap. It’s so pretty and a great gift idea.

Natalie Grillo
lovely, colorful, unusual

Beautiful and practical and smells so nice. A unique addition to the bathroom and a great gift.