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Available in 50 or 100 ml Eau de Parfums
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Romano Ricci, the founder of Juliette Has a Gun, created Not a Perfume in 2010 on the basis of a minimalist approach to fragrance, taking one of his favorite bases and bringing it solely to the forefront. The result, as quoted from Ricci himself is, “minalimst, elegant, pure”. Due to the synthetic nature of Cetalox (the key ingredient of Not a Perfume, replacing the ambergris of historical perfumes), this pure scent may indeed last even longer than its natural counterpart in ambergris.
The result is a feminine, but slightly musky scent that is long lasting. The fragrance has the typical ebb and flow of many perfumes, without the complexity of layering many substances. A beautiful and pure scent from Paris, France, and a truly individual personal fragrance make this non-perfume a long-lasting delight.

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Laura kennedy
hauntinglingly good!!!!!

got a sample .. in a monthly makeup sample and fell in love

No Problems

My wife has allergic reactions to many scents. I had read the description that it is for those with allergies. I figured I would order and see for myself. My wife was pleased with the scent and no adverse problems. We will order this brand again.