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Disappointed in product

I was trying to buy Suive Moi which I love for an after shave. I could not find it on your site. I thought the one I purchased might have been similar.
But it is a cologne. Too bad. Smells nice andI I’ll use it eventually, but I really wanted ?Suivez Moi.

Love your rock soaps. Will order more soon…

Happiness Happens with this fragrance

Whenever I apply my Vetivier fragrance, I smile. I am immediately transported to springtime everywhere. Do try this perfume to experience equal pleasure

Gold Room Spray

Have used this before and have been unable to find this product. Please notify me as soon as in stock again. Love it!!

Elizabeth W Body Lotion Vetiver
Patricia Gesiakowski
Favorite lotion

Get many compliments on this scent was given as a gift from my sister many years ago ; truly is my greatest treat !


These fragrant and beautifully made soaps are not just functional but also works of art. Resembling the gemstones, the soaps are a unique gift item for anyone.

I smell pretty!

Using this fragrance makes me happy. All the products are good. The website makes me want to try out other fragrances too.

My favorite fragrance for years!❤️


I have been using Fragonard perfume for 15 years and don’t use anything else.

Soap Rock - Chrysocolla
Veronica Johnson

Soap Gives Relief to Itching!

lovely soap

I love this bar soap - lathers well, nice smell, good size. The only reason for it not to receive the highest rating is that I thought it would be a slightly stronger scent. Amazing scent!

Very satisfied

My order was fulfilled and delivered promptly
As promised.

Always a winner

Gorgeous fragrant long-lasting soap! We love Soap Rocks!


The Carnelian soap rock is a beautiful neutral color for any of our bathrooms and lovely soft sent. The feel as you wash your hands is delightful - actually want to wash longer. Thank you for a great product. I have been using soap rocks and soap wood for years now and continue to enjoy these lovely 'gems'!

Awesome wrinkle cream

I got this wrinkle cream the first time in Ez, France. I’ve been using it ever since. I got it from Amazon originally but they have discontinued it. Glad your company is offering it.

Soap Rocks - White Opal
Elaine ferrucci
Soap rovks

Love them! Make great gifts.

Roll On

Love Vetiver and Elizabeth W nailed it! She has preserved its true essence in creating her signature scent that incorporates the freshness of citrus with Vetiver. It is uncomplicated and pure! I love the convenience of the roller ball in my bag and can freshen and layer throughout my day so I can “roll on”…thank you for this wonderful parfum

Soap Rock - Moonstone
M K Kellermeier

I bought my 1st (rock) at a shop in Grass Valley, Calf. And later from your web site. Love this soap!

Soap Rocks - Labradorite
Elaine ferrucci

Love the soaps that's why I ordered a second batch. Will give them as gifts!

Love Elizabeth E's Vetiver but hand soap....Not so Much

I have the bar soap, body lotion, hand lotion, and hand cream so didn't hesitate to try the liquid hand soap. I'm a bit disappointed in that to me the fragrance is so slight...why bother?

Vetiver Heaven

I love Vetiver and have tried many different parfums with notes of Vetiver, however this is the first time it has been nailed! If you love this clean, unadulterated scent, then know that Elizabeth W has made this perfect alchemy happen. My only complaint is that it doesn’t linger longer as a parfum!

Soap uses

I love the soap and before I use it I have it in my drawer, I’ve had it on my pillow and in the soap dish. Everywhere I put the whole area smells so good. It makes the whole bathroom smell so good.My skin feels super soft. Love it!!


Very good service. I’ll order from them again

Soap Rocks November Birthstone - Citrine