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I love the soap rocks. It's the only soap I use.

Soap Rock - Ruby Zoisite

China rain

When will this be available again? It’s been sold out forever! It’s so discouraging.


Smells really really good.


Very nice tingling foaming type feel on skin, very nice

My favorite soap for over 20 years!

Besides being beautiful, it is gentle and nourishing! It also lathers so well, it lasts for a very long time!

Sweet spring

The fragrance that surrounds you in an aura of sweetness, flowers, citrus….make you feel walking in a warm breeze field of wildflowers eating a mandarin.

Soap Rocks - Lavender Jade

Face cream

Great moisturizer, rich and lasts all day

Belle Cherie

Very nice as a summer fragrance.

Got a tiny bottle of this while on a tour with my school and used it daily ever since.

yall r great

Love the fragrance

Really enjoy the products and fragrance. Shipment arrived at a reasonable time. However, I missed out on the discount that was given to me and I never got a response to the email after sending a correction to my bill.

SoapRocks - Amethyst Geode
Veronica Johnson

I had chronic itching (diagnosed as idiopathic urticaria). Besides prescription antihistamine and additional Benadryl for breakthrough itching, I had to use hydrocortisone cream for more localized itching. A friend gave me a soap rock. In a few weeks, I noticed that my skin was not as itchy. I credit the soap. I am decreasing the prescription antihistamine to every other day. So far, so good. I believe that I will be able to stop taking the med in the near future. Also, I love the different colors- so pretty.

Great lipbalm



I bought for my daughter that loves the smell of orange blossoms. We await her option as it will be a gift

Purchaser of rose quartz rock soap

My alltime favorite, smells heavenly, is wonderful on face body and i aash my hair with it as well. Ive been buying this same bar for several years now after i ran across them in ark.. it is well worth the price ,i give it as gifts too and its a very nice gift to give. Most people dont want to use it because itz pretty, i tell them use it, and they love it.

Light and delightful!

I love the smell of this lotion. It’s light, a little sweet just the perfect balance. I highly recommend it.

Fragonard Perfume

I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase. It is perfect.

Silky and lightly scented.

I first tried VRAI Argon oil after visiting the company that produces it in Southern France. I fell in love with it and was afraid I was going to have to wait until my next trip to get more when I ran out. Imagine how happy I was to find I could order it and have it delivered directly to my house! It’s wonderful stuff and really luxurious and special.

Came just in time!

The bottle I purchased in Paris was about to run out, so this package arrived just in time. Thanks so much for the excellent service.

Loved it, you should make the roll on again , I bought it 4 years ago in San Diego

Soap Rock - Ruby Zoisite
Pamela Stefancic

Nice scent and beautiful colors.

Prior product was terrific!

Ginger cologne was THE BEST! Why not bring it back?


Mother is enchanted with her Soleil. The idea to blend the Frivole with the Diamant was an inspiration of grace as it is glorious

Disappointed in product

I was trying to buy Suive Moi which I love for an after shave. I could not find it on your site. I thought the one I purchased might have been similar.
But it is a cologne. Too bad. Smells nice andI I’ll use it eventually, but I really wanted ?Suivez Moi.