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Soap Rock - Chrysocolla
Shirley Huntley
Chrysocolla soap rocks

A beautiful teal color with a wonderful fragrance. This soap suds so well and never leaves a residue on you or your shower. We have used these soap rocks for around 10 years now because they are made with only natural ingredients. Will never use anything else. Leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Give them a try you won’t be disappointed.


Love it! My second bottle!

I really love this stuff!

I took a nice long bath and added the Dead Sea Bath Crystals in the water. It was great. And my skin was so soft. I really do love this stuff!

A shade different

Love the T.S. Pink Soaps. I look for color as a decorative effect as well as delicate scent. Rose gold appears a shade lighter than Imperial Topaz and has a stronger scent. I am finding that I prefer the Imperial Topaz both for color and scent in my setting.




The fragrance is awesome love it

Rare and lovely

I love the vetiver soap from Elizabeth W. The fragrance has become difficult to find - especially such a nice one. Elizabeth W. soap is creamy, lasts a very long time and does not dry out over time It’s wonderful to find it on sale!
Oak Manor sent my shipment quickly. Packaging is lovely and efficient.
Thank you for carrying this terrific product, Oak Manor - and thank you for the sale price! cm

PatchouliEau De Toilette

When I first received it and tried it, I wasn’t sure I liked it; however after I asked my husband if he liked it and he confirmed that he did, I have worn it and love it!

Great soap

This is as good as soap can get. It has a wonderful smell, lathers great, rinses off well leaving your body hydrated, soft and silky feeling. Made from natural ingredients, doesn’t leave scum on your shower so you will never find a better soap rock. We have been using for 10 plus years now and are very happy with all the different choices there are. Try it you will like it.


I love your products and have bought before . These look perfect in my “Catherine the Great” guest bathroom.

Wrong scent

Not what I wanted didn't care for the scent

Soap woods

These soaps have a lovely soft fragrance.

Fabulous soaps

I'm a great fan of the exotic rock soaps. They have delicious scents and lather well. My friends too, love receiving them as gifts.

Awsome service

Received my order very fast thanks so much!

The best

Always delighted with the service from Oak Manor. I love the rock soaps. My friends love receiving them for birthdays. They arrive in the UK a week after ordering. The rock soaps are so lovely. Good product and great perfume. Thank you.


Love this fragrance!


My employees gave me the hand soap and lotion for my birthday. I loved the fragrance so much I had to order the perfume. I will be buying as gifts myself for my friends.

Vetiver Heaven

I sampled the parfume in the little bottle and got hooked on this delicious scent. I recently purchased the body lotion and large parfume and LOVE them. The lotion is incredible. The scent lingers and I love it on my skin.

Rock soaps

Wonderful delicately scented soaps! Art and function aligned.

Love Marseille liguid soap

This soap is superior to anything else I've tried. The fragrance is lasting. You only need a drop and the glass dispenser is handsome.


Perfect transaction. My favorite perfume. Thank you!

Wonderful fragrance... always a great product!

Best Fragrant Soap

Love, love, love this aromatic soap.

Love them

This is not my first order, I was so happy to get the color I wanted. They are for gifts.

I love this fragrance! It is a clean and fresh scent! I am always complimented on my signature fragrance!