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T.S. Pink's SoapRocks are fine soaps in the shapes and colors of rocks and gems. These soap rocks are a glycerin soap, infused with natural elements of the earth such as Aloe, Calendula, Chamomile, Comfrey, Lavender, Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, and Almond Oil. Made naturally, and by hand, these stone shaped soaps are original and one of a kind. So what are Soap Rocks? Truly an earthly work of art, and they make the perfect gift! Many people use them to decorate bathrooms in their home, as they are both aesthetically and fragrantly appealing.

SoapRocks were the brainchild of Todd Pink, and were an instant success, both as visual depictions of geological creations, and as lathering bath soaps. These bar soaps are so beautiful that many are used solely as accent pieces. However, make no mistake about it: these are wonderfully fragrant soaps that can be used for both body and hands. They are specifically designed for a gentle cleanse, as they are hybrid glycerin blend. T.S. Pink has now introduced a full line of SoapWoods to add to their earthly collection, with matching fragrance profiles. The more popular of the SoapWoods include Tiger Cedar, Redwood Burl, and Walnut.

Recently, a prominent blogger, Bridgette Raes, featured us and Soap Rocks on her blog with a few kind words. Months later, Vogue would publish an article with recommendations for out of this world beauty, including T.S. Pink Soap Rocks.

Soap Rocks come in three sizes (size can be selected using drop down menu near the Buy It Now button where additional sizes are available):

Large 6-8 oz, Soap Rocklet 4 oz, and PalmStone 1.5 oz