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Fragonard is a French perfumery, from the Southern region of France in Grasse. Established in 1926, the perfumery is available to be toured, and is where all of their fine fragrances are produced.
Fragonard was named after the 18th century French painter from Grasse, Jean-Honoré Fragonard when the fragrance brand began in 1926. With nearly a century of history, Fragonard Parfumeur has become well known for their fine perfume fragrances for women, as well as their line of scents for men. With parfums spanning a wide variety of appeal, there is something for everyone in the Fragonard collection, from the VRAI body products, to the wide array of scents, and the new olive oil based skincare collection. Capturing the floral essences of the region of Grasse, these luxurious scents embody fine fragrance. The new Fragonard Vrai body care line features a mix of regenerating and nourishing anti-wrinkle creams and lotions in a clean, fresh scent. We highly recommend Fragonard Etoile, and the Vrai Argan Body Oil. There is scarcely a Fragonard perfume or lotion that one couldn't find to fit an in individual set of tastes. All Fragonard products are made in France.

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