Fragonard Parfumeur Etoile Parfum 30 ml or 60 ml

Fragonard Parfumeur


  • Fragonard Parfumeur Etoile Parfum 30 ml or 60 ml-Fragonard Parfumeur-Oak Manor Fragrances
  • Fragonard Parfumeur Etoile Parfum 30 ml or 60 ml-Fragonard Parfumeur-Oak Manor Fragrances

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Etoile fragrance from Fragonard Parfumeur is a parfum featuring a natural scent that is perfect for summer or spring, but maintains multi-seasonal appeal. This crisply scented perfume has top notes of bergamot, apple, and ginger, producing a warm and inviting fragrance you are sure to love. The Fragonard Etoile parfum, as opposed to the eau de toilette or eau de parfum is the most highly concentrated of the fragrance varieties establishing a higher potency of the Etoile fragrance. 

Parfums or perfumes release all notes of the scent simultaneously, in comparison to an eau de toilette or eau de parfum that may release notes slower over a shorter duration due to the lower concentration.  Typically, parfum or perfume is regarded as the highest quality fragrance because it can create the most beautiful of combinations.


Available in 30 ml or 60 ml Spray Parfum

Made in France

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Gracie DeRosa

The Fragonard Etoile smells wonderful, but is a little pricey for such a tiny bottle.

Channing Duffy

Perfect transaction. My favorite perfume. Thank you!

Hard to find perfume

I had bought fragonard in Singapore some years back and it is not easy to find outside France or Singapore. Package arrived fast, well packaged, reasonable cost. I am happy with my purchase.

Fiona Givens
The best products

I was introduced to Fragonard products in France, originally. I'm a particular fan of the Argan Oil and the Royal Jelly. I'm also fond of the perfumes. This time around I purchased étoile. I am so grateful to have found Oak Manor Fragrances. I simply can't afford trotting off to France every year.

Kristi Huyser

My daughter studied abroad a few years ago and bought this perfume directly from the place where they make it. She loved it but ran out a while ago. I’m surprising her with it for Christmas.

Dana Evans
Great shop

Great shop! Fast shipping.

Great product and service

Thank you Oak manor fragrances for nice and was experience purchasing my favourite perfume!

Ghislaine Marinatos

Definitely my favorite perfume. I. I sited the Fragonard parfumerie in Grasse and it made me appreciate all the work involved in producing this beautiful perfume. It took a little longer to arrive due to COVID which is understandable. My only regret is that the 60ml was not available.
Considering we are in a pandemic I was please with my purchase.

Tamera Tuttle

Love this fragrance but could not get it bigger than 2 oz. so I had to order another one. Would love different sizes

Lorrie Hupka
My favorite fragrance!

This parfum was given to me by a dear friend after a trip to France. Everyone comments on it and tells me how lovely and fresh it is. I couldn’t agree more! It is what a grab first when considering what I want to wear that day! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I found Oak Manor on line, right in my own backyard! I have always been very happy with whatever I have purchased from them.