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Cote Bastide is the epitome of luxury bath and body from France. Cote Bastide features several fragrances including Cote Bastide Amber (Ambre), their most popular fragrance. Known for their home fragrance products in particular, Cote Bastide produces a range of crystal potpourries. We also offer potpourri refill oils, as well as fragrant room sprays. Combined with a Cote Bastide candle, your fragrance experience can be luxurious beyond measure. This company was originated by Nicole Houques in 1990, in the hopes of recreating an atmosphere of living in southern France. Cote Bastide candles are hand poured, and each fragrance is carefully produced using the finest materials. The most popular scents are Amber, Fig, Grapefruit (Pamplemousse), and Fresh Linen (Lin). All of our orders ship promptly from within the United States. These products have been imported from Provence, France.