Comptoir Sud Pacifique Layering Duo Vanille Abricot and Vanille Coco

Comptoir Sud Pacifique


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2x10 ml Travel Sprays from Comptoir Sud Pacifique now paired for the flexibility to be worn separately or layered together -- the ultimate tropical fragrance experience.
Vanille Abricot:
#1 best seller since it was introduced in 1992. Hugely popular for women of all ages. Adored by men everywhere.
The delicious scent of jackfruit, apricot and papaya pulp sprinkled with vanilla and sugar candy.
Same delicious scent, new look in sliver varnished glass bottle.
Head Hote: Jackfruit, Abricot
Heart Note: Papaya
Base Note: Sugar Candy, Vanilla Pod
Vanille Coco:
A gentle, warm and sweet breeze strokes paradisiacal islands and offers dream scents: vanilla from Tahiti, coco milk, heliotrope for a beautiful exotic escape.
Head Hote: Heliotrope
Heart Note: Coconut Milk
Base Note: Vanilla Pod from Tahiti