Soap Rocks October Birthstone - Opal

T.S. Pink SoapRocks


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October Birthstone
Opal leaves more room for love. Soaprocks Opal's haunting colors ignite your romantic longing for a lingering midnight bath with a candle lit nearby.
Inspired by nature, SoapRocks from T.S. Pink are a very mild glycerine-based soap that slowly weathers away in your hands like a stream stone in geologic time.
Net Wt. 6 oz.
Fragrance:Peach Melon Gardenia

Customer Reviews

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Soap Rocks

My sister and I love these soaps. The soaps are beautiful and smell so good! Great little gift too!

Nikki Mccoy
The opal soap

The opal soap is very pretty and smells so good.

Christine S
Gorgeous soap rocks

The colors and scent are beautiful

Gerard Uhrig
One soap rock ordered

The colour of the rock was perfect, but the shape was different to the photo on the website.

Lynne Sayers
Beautiful rocks!

The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the soap rock was! Then my daughter loved it so much, of course, we bought more. The "rock" is actually a very good soap product and has a lovely fragrance as well.

Dolores white
Fabulous soaps

I'm a great fan of the exotic rock soaps. They have delicious scents and lather well. My friends too, love receiving them as gifts.

Rock soaps

Wonderful delicately scented soaps! Art and function aligned.

Adriene Cuffe
A little piece of personal art, it’s visually attractive, the fragrance is lovely, it cleans your...

I’ve ordered 14 soap arts in a variety of colors. Sorry to say it was necessary to order from several companies to get what I wanted. They must be very popular.

Victoria Freitas

These soaps are the best

Joyce Saadi
Love Soap Rocks!

I used to buy Soap Rocks from QVC but it stopped selling them so I was very happy to find them at Oak Manor Fragrances. They are very gentle on the skin, even for facial soap -- I actually find them better than pricey skin cleansers. Bonus, of course, is that the soap rocks are quite beautiful so there is a lovely aesthetic experience in using them. I bought 6 Soap Rocks in this order and then went back a couple days ago and purchased another half dozen just in case they sell out. Oak Manor ships quickly, so thanks so much!