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Like the ancient, precious gem, Lapis Lazuli soap is the stunning color that artists have coveted through centuries to form their palettes most essential pigment - ultramarine. The ultimate blue of the sea.
Inspired by nature, SoapRocks are a very mild glycerine-based soap that slowly weathers away in your hands like a stream stone in geologic time.
Size: 5.5" x 4" x 2.5"
Net weight: 6oz.
Fragrance:Ocean Fresh

Customer Reviews

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Ann Puckett
Soap rocks ROCK!

Years ago, my sister gave me a lapis lazuli soap rock. I kept it in the wrapper as a decorative object in the guest powder room for years, because it was too beautiful to use. When I finally opened it, I was surprised to learn it’s actually good soap in addition to being beautiful. Since then I occasionally bought soap rocks when I found them in gift shops, but never found a reliable source until Oak Manor Fragrances. Now, I’m never without a soap rock in the master bathroom. I love the color, the fragrance, and the natural beauty. One rock lasts months, so they’re actually economical to use.

Paul Hansbury

I checked with Google to find out what the appropriate gift would be for a 32nd wedding anniversary and it told me lapis.
I went shopping and the lapis I liked I couldn't afford and the lapis I could afford I didn't like.
You came to the rescue and my friends were thrilled with their gift and how thoughtful it was.
Thanks for solving my problem.

Pat Dobberke
Clean feeling soap.

I love the quality of soap a very clean feel. I enjoy the smell which is
Great because I’m allergic to most smells.

Carla Patrick
Beautiful Gifts!

Purchased the soaps as gifts for Christmas. They were a hit!

Carol Byrd
Lapis Lazuli

This is another great soap from your store. If you want to come out with "color soaps", you could name one of them "primary colors" "Holiday Soaps" could have colors appropriate, such as "greens" for St Patrick's Day

great gifts

Have collected them as a use full item and one that can also be decorative

Desna Aucker

Enjoy using and also gifting

Leslie Hyman