Fragonard VRAI Argan Oil for Body and Hair 100 ml

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The VRAI line from Fragonard is a line of cosmetics dedicated to using high quality ingredients in natural formulas to hydrate and replenish the skin.
VRAI Argan Oil for Body and Hair is a rare treatment oil that is comprised of 95% pure and natural almond extract, known as arganier. Argan oil is known for its restorative and hydrating properties. The VRAI Argan Oil can be used to re-hydrate and moisturize the skin, and also used to produce shine and manageability in hair.
VRAI skincare is essential to the modern woman's beauty routine, and is utilized best with both use in the morning and in the evening.

100 ml Pump Bottle

Made in France

Customer Reviews

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Dawn Beebee
Silky and lightly scented.

I first tried VRAI Argon oil after visiting the company that produces it in Southern France. I fell in love with it and was afraid I was going to have to wait until my next trip to get more when I ran out. Imagine how happy I was to find I could order it and have it delivered directly to my house! It’s wonderful stuff and really luxurious and special.

Natalie Basiuk

Very good service. I’ll order from them again

Kim Lien

Love it!

Great product!

I have used Fragonard VRAI for a long time and haven’t found a scent I like better or an oil that works so well. I highly recommend it.

Gail Nurse

Awesome, it feels and smells just like the 240ml bottle I bought in France 3 years ago while I was on vacation. I’m really glad that I ordered it for myself and a friend.

Ann Woodruff

This is wonderful for my skin & the scent is beautiful! I love this product!

Sylvia Fisk
Aegean oil

Love this product, Arian oil. I have dry skin and live in a cold winter area. This is perfect for my face skin care.

Sue Williams

Delivery was in good time and exactly what I ordered. Thank You.

Mary Alice Gentry
Best oil ever!!

While visiting in Grasse several years ago, I made only I purchase as I toured the factory~the Argan body and hair oil! Ian so happy to be able to purchase it in the US from your company!!

Dragan Jovanovic

Fragonard VRAI Argan Oil for Body and Hair 100 ml