Fragonard Parfumeur Beau Gosse 100 ml Men's Eau de Toilette

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Designed for men who do not mind compliments, Beau Gosse by Fragonard offers a harmony of citrus, bergamot spiced with cloves and cardamom, finishing with cedar and musk. A perfect addition to Fragonard's men's fragrance collection.
100 ml Eau de Toilette
Made in France

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Burzon
Disappointed in product

I was trying to buy Suive Moi which I love for an after shave. I could not find it on your site. I thought the one I purchased might have been similar.
But it is a cologne. Too bad. Smells nice andI I’ll use it eventually, but I really wanted ?Suivez Moi.

Authenticity guaranteed

Excellent, reliable and quality seller! A+++

Margie McElfresh
Happy Husbamd❤

my item arrived fast. easy to work with
however i am looking for the fragrance Cyprien do you know if is still around?
Beu Gosse is close to the smell of Cyprien but missing that Mediterranean salt air smell
thank you!

Dave M
Just what I ordered, and it arrived really fast!

I started using Fragonard Beau Gosse many years has become the only cologne that I use, and it is only available online. I'd love a 200 ml bottle of it, and maybe you will one day provide it??? So, thank you for having this, and thank you for your great service and fast shipping!

Douglas McLaren

Love the product...just wish you guys carried the 600 mL refil bottles fragonard makes!